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Down for the Count
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Click for enlarged and detailed views. Down for the Count

18¼ x 23¼ pastel on pastel paper
completed and released October 7, 2008

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He is mysterious and intriguing - dashing with a wicked smile and a stare that sets you on fire. So when Dracula invites you to his castle, and then into his bed chamber, what's a young man to do but go Down for the Count?

The last few years I have indulged in doing a piece to celebrate each Halloween. It gives me a chance to have a little wicked fun with my artwork. Previously, I have illustrated a devil with Diablo and a werewolf with Leader of the Pack. For 2008, I decided it was time for a vampire. And not just any vampire, but the Count himself.

John G said:
In the background is the full moon and the Count's passion has swelled and his appetite is evident by his parted lips and wolfish incisors. Notice the prominent somewhat sinister black tattoo on his left upper-arm. His young lover is the picture of erotic surrender, moments away from his lover's penetration and joining the ranks of the undead. My favorite Breyette Halloween artworks.
Saturday, August 2, 2014 at 04:56 PM