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Click for enlarged and detailed views. Kiss Me Senator

18½ x 24 pastel on pastel paper
completed and released November 25, 2005

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History has shown that the most courageous and revered have been those who chose to do what is right over what is popular. Contact your senators and convince them to do what is right. They were elected not to follow, but to lead.

I typically have more ideas for paintings than my schedule allows, so I jot them down to browse later for inspiration. Having recently done a piece on same-sex marriage, I probably would not have revisited that subject again quite so soon. However a few weeks ago I was contacted by Scott&Scott at Romentics about using In the Face of Darkness for the cover of their new book. After reflecting on what they had told me of the story, I described to them the concept I already had for "Kiss Me Senator". And as the saying goes, the rest is history.