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Original (SOLD)
24 x 18½ pastel on pastel paper
completed and released March 22, 2013

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They had been checking each other out all evening. And now, as the slamming of lockers signaled the departure of the last few guys, they were finally alone in the public shower. Tonight it won’t be the free weights that have them both leaving the gym totally drained.

I've done other pieces in the past that were sexually explicit. I know they're not popular with everyone, and that some think a work like Drained goes “too far”. And that’s okay. But while society likes to censor out “the sex” and keep it locked in a separate dirty little box, it would just seem odd for me to paint all these naked men and completely ignore it. So occasionally, I like to put the sex “in your face” - another title I considered. Besides, why should I censor myself? Others will be only too glad to do that for me.