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18½ x 23½ pastel on pastel paper

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Out in the back field is the old abandoned barn. That’s where he found them, a stash of late ‘80s gay porn mags. Now, whenever his chores take him back there, he retreives them from their hiding place under the floor boards and gets off. It’s his place and his time. If they only knew... if anyone knew! The hard-bodied, all-American farmhand fantasizes about these other hot boys staring back at him... smiling, naked, and inviting.

My previous piece was all about the sea. Now, I've gone and done a 180 with this one being all about the land. I guess it's my version of surf-n-turf. I've done my share of cowboy-themed pieces, and had been itching to revisit that wild and wide open landscape with its rustic feel, and the big blue sky. Instead of a cowboy, I went with a farmhand to better capture the predicament of growing up gay in a rural, mid-west setting.