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Original (SOLD)
18¼ x 24½ pastel on pastel paper
completed and released March 20, 2008

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Dark corners. A park at night, or an unfrequented restroom. Places sought out for secret rendezvous or cruising. Is it the result of being pushed into the shadows by societies misguided condemnation, or is there a rush, an endorphin high from the possibility of getting caught?

This one was much easier to name than the last one, for two obvious reasons. I actually think the name came first. I've heard that the hoodie owes much of its surge in popularity to London youths who started wearing them in response to ever present surveillance cameras. The dimly lit, almost seedy setting I chose stems from that idea. I also really like how the hooded figure against the old brickwork lends an almost monastic quality to the piece.