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24 x 18½ pastel on pastel paper
completed and released November 17, 2009

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They watched in anger as the pious crowd brutalized the young men while shouting vulgarities and invoking the Almighty. It was obvious that over the centuries the people’s devotion had been perverted into this bloodlust. And they had finally had enough. Once they saw the ropes being strung up they broke their edict, showing themselves. They could no longer wait until death had come to do their task, they would end these atrocities now. As they descended from above, like birds of prey, some swooped the tortured youths from the clutches of their persecutors, carrying them off to safety, while others turned their attention to the fleeing mob.

I am not a religious person. Perhaps that is why, despite numerous suggestions over the years, I had never before been compelled to do an angel painting. That changed after hearing news of torture and public hangings of gays around the world, all in the name of God. Though not a believer myself, I cannot imagine anything more horrifying for a true person of faith than for their own beliefs perpetuating violence or instigating prejudice against others.