Restraint - Caged


Restraint - Caged

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Original (SOLD)
11½ x 18¼ pastel on pastel paper
completed and released May 9, 2008

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In the anonymity of the shadowy darkness, we tend to shed our restraints. We do things, behave in a way we would never do in the daylight. Whether it’s our own self imposed limits or those put on us by society, in the darkness we are freer to let out our inner beast and escape the cage, leap over the fence, or break down the wall.

This series is something a bit different for me. Along with being more conceptual, they are very shadowed pieces, with a darker and sexual tone. I tossed out my aversion to working on black paper and found it really aided in getting a dramatic look.

I took my camera into a dark room and just played around with a single light. I ventured out from my usual methods; breaking some of my restraints which was, after all, the theme I was going for.