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He stood motionless, naked, atop the cold marble pedestal, staring in amazement as the master artisan — day by day, week by week — turned the lifeless stone into a vision of beauty and strength. Rock was transforming into muscle, bone, skin and veins before his very eyes. Awed by the master’s talent, he would be stunned to learn that the artisan felt the same awe gazing upon the perfection of his subject’s body.

Michelangelo's David is one of the most revered works of art from the Renaissance. He is a model of male magnificence. Though I doubt the statue was based on one single model, I am sure the artist found his inspiration somewhere. Perhaps a series of young Florentine men stood in as King David during the three years he worked on the 17 foot marble statue. I allowed my imagination to have a crack at what a moment between the master and model might have been like.