Got an idea or concept for a painting that you would like to have created for you by me? I do, from time to time, accept commissions. But there has to be something about it that gets me excited. And I never know what that might be. So just run it by me and we can go from there.

If you've browsed my works, you probably have somewhat of an idea of my preferred subject matter, so something along those lines is a good starting point. I also rarely accept portrait-style commissions there has to be some interesting twist to it. The best commissions, both from my enjoying the creation process to the client being happy with the results, have been concept pieces where the client granted me artistic license.

Please read how the commission process works, and then submit a Commission Inquiry.

How the Commission Process Works

If after discussing your idea it turns out to be something we both want to take on, I’ll price the project for you – roughly about what I charge for my other originals. I will then send you a commission sales agreement outlining mutually agreed upon terms such as costs, materials, timeline, and delivery. Once you have returned the signed agreement to me, along with a 20% deposit, I’ll get started on a preliminary sketch.

After completing the sketch, I will submit it to you for approval. You will then either request changes for me to make and re-submit to you for review or you will approve the sketch. Once the sketch is approved I will begin work on the pastel painting and at this time the deposit becomes non-refundable.

Upon completion of the commissioned work full payment will be due (you may make additional payments prior if you wish). I will package the original safely, insure it, and ship it off to you.

So if you would like a personalized Breyette original, please submit a commission inquiry