I offer giclée reproductions of my original artwork produced on archival quality acid-free matte fine art paper using pigment-based inks, providing a print life exceeding 200 years if framed under glass or acrylic.

Prints are classified 2 ways, by the 'edition' and by size.  Gallery, Studio, and Portfolio refer to the size.  See the image at the bottom of the page.  Prints come in either a limited edition or open edition, as noted. 

All of my limited edition prints are hand-signed and numbered by me, the artist, and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Limited vs. Open Editions

Most prints are offered in limited editions in one or two sizes, as well as an open edition in a third size. 

  • Limited Edition Prints are exactly that, limited.  A finite quantity are available. Each print is signed and numbered (e.g. 042/100). The number of prints in an edition are indicated on the site.  Once they're gone, they're gone.  If a painting is offered as a limited edition Gallery print, and limited edition Studio print, there are not and never will be open edition prints in those sizes.

  • Open Edition Prints are not limited, nor are they signed or numbered. If a print does not say it's "Limited Edition" then it is an open edition. 

Varied Pricing

The pricing for my limited edition prints is based on the percentage remaining of a print run. As the available quantity of an edition decreases, its price increases.

Print Sizes

  • Gallery Prints are the premier reproductions of the originals.  They are the same size and the closest reproduction of the original paintings. Because the originals vary in size, so do the Gallery Prints. However, because most originals are about 18" x 24" most Gallery Prints are on 24" x 28" archival quality acid-free matte fine art paper.  ALL Gallery prints are limited editions. They are signed, numbered and titled.  They also receive an additional preservation coating, greatly extending the life of the print. 
  • Studio Prints are on 13" x 19" archival quality acid-free matte fine art paper, and the images are reduced proportionally.  This is the most popular size and most works are offered in this size as a limited edition.
  • Portfolio Prints are on 8½" x 11" archival quality acid-free matte fine art paper, and images are reduced proportionally.  Most prints of this size are open edition, except for a few older works.