Do you, or why don't you, offer prints on canvas?
My prints are done on velvet fine are paper. Because my originals are pastels on paper and not oil on canvas, I feel that the velvet fine art paper offers a more authentic reproduction of the originals. Click here for additional information on prints.

Why are some limited edition prints of the same size a different price than others?
Because limited editions have a finite quantity, as the supply of available prints dwindles, the price increases. Click here for additional information on prints.

Why did the limited edition print I was looking at last week suddenly increase in price. 
See question above.

Shipping to Europe, Asia, etc. is expensive, can I buy your items from a distributor in my home country?
Sorry, no. I would have to pay just as much to ship them to a retailer in outside the U.S. as I would to ship them to you. Keep an eye out for my occasional sales to offset the shipping fees.