Frame for Large Original


Frame for Large Original

from 249.95

Add a frame for an original with a dimension (width or height) over 12”. That will be most works. Due to the risk of damage this frame does not include glass.

Choose either a simple yet stylish black brushed metal frame or a contemporary Charcoal colored wood frame. All high quality acid free materials to ensure longevity and prevent discoloration over time. 


  • Metal frame with black brushed aluminum finish, or wood frame with Charcoal finish.

  • Original dry mounted on acid free 100% rag backing.

  • Acid free white mat

  • Mat custom cut to fit the print you're ordering.

  • Float mat to add a buffer between the visible mat and the artwork.

  • Assembled, wired, but with instruction to add glass.

For orders containing a custom frame, add 1 - 2 weeks to the delivery time.

Don't forget to also add the artwork for this frame to your cart.

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