Alan in Blue


Alan in Blue

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18 x 22½ pastel on pastel paper

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Sensual good looks paired with a playful vulnerability. And those smoldering dark eyes... pools to drown in.

I first spoke with Alan Bennett Ilagan in November 2003, when he emailed me about my artwork. I was very flattered by what had to say, and he invited me to visit his website to read his writings and take a look at his photos. I'll admit, I was instantly drawn to his sensual good looks. But a pretty face has never been able to hold my attention for very long. What kept me coming back were his writings on gay life. I was able to relate to so much that he had to say, that I came away feeling as though I had found a kindred spirit.

I had so much fun doing this piece. And not just because Alan is so incredibly hot. That certainly helped. But all of the effects were so much fun. If working with paint I would probably need an airbrush to get the reflective effect of the bars. But pastels just make it so easy. Then there is the sunlight hitting the body in different places, and the wet feet print on the cement. Being my first work completed in my new home, I am glad it was such a positive experience.