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Original (SOLD)
19 x 23½ pastel on pastel paper
completed and released October 13, 2004

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4½ x 5½ Magnet

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Just two buds getting together after a hard day of work, tossing back a few beers, and enjoying each others company. Aah... good times.

I usually do a bit of narrative planning before starting a new piece. But with this one, I just had the idea of two blue-collar-type guys having a peaceful nap together. After I had the subjects drawn, the setting of a matress on the floor with a couple of empty beer bottles nearby made its way onto the paper.

Fabrics used to be a challenge for me, with their various textures and folds, trying to figure out how things would look and behave. But I've found that if I just don't think about it too much, it just flows naturally from me.