Early to Rise


Early to Rise

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Original (SOLD)
23½ x 18 pastel on pastel paper
completed and released January 30, 2007

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As dawn breaks you drift gently between dreams and waking. Slowly you are aroused from your sleep. You are barely aware of the gentle warm touch of a lover’s hand. Is it real or imagined? Does it matter? You’ve already become aroused in another way. It is a much more pleasurable way of transitioning from dreamful bliss to the new day than that of a screeching alarm clock.

I hadn't quite decided on the colors for the room or linens when I began this picture. I wanted bright morning light to fill the room so I thought toned downed walls would be needed to show the contrast. I wasn't sure white would work. But by muting the white with grays, greens and purples and using pure white only on the sun kissed portions gave plenty of contrast. To me the effect makes the couple float against the white, yielding a dreamy and intimate environment.