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Original (SOLD)
18 x 22¼ pastel on pastel paper
completed and released July 26,2006

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Pride events are typically over the top with dykes on bikes, drag queens, and go-go boys. Some may think that they alienate rather than integrate us into mainstream society. But when you get right down to it Pride events are meant to over come repression. And what better way than by exercising your freedom of expression? Be free to be who you are, even if it’s just who you are for the day.

A friend of mine is on the local Pride commitee, and this year he asked if I would be interested in doing something for the Pride Guide cover. I was happy to oblige. Since I dont think of myself as an erotic artist but as a gay guy who happens to be an artist, the things I express through my work extend beyond just the sexual and romantic. However I try to work a bit of sexiness in just the same. The theme for this year's Pride revolved around 'from fear to freedom'. I decided to set an out-and-proud reveler against a backdrop of our city's landmark, Union Station.