Leader of the Pack


Leader of the Pack

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Original (SOLD)
23 x 18 pastel on pastel paper
completed and released October 8, 2007

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4½ x 5½ Magnet

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Once a year, on the night of the Blood Moon, a special hunt begins. Not for food. But for new members eager to join the pack.

While in Maine this summer, I had gone to the public beach at night just as the full Moon was rising over the ocean. It appeared huge and red, as if swollen with blood. When it came time to work on my hallween piece, I found the memory of that night was still so vivid in my mind. And while I was concerned that rendering the fall foliage at night would be kind of difficult, using rusty browns for the leaves that are bright red in sunlight and dark ochres for the yellow ones worked really well.