Leap of Faith


Leap of Faith

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Original (SOLD)
18¼ x 23½ pastel on pastel paper
completed March 19, 2009
released March 25, 2009

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Whether you quit you day job to pursue your dream or you entrust your heart to another, at some point we all must take a leap of faith.

When planning out a piece, I sometimes am torn on how much to show and how much not to show. Should the figure be naked or not? In my original idea the diver had on a swimsuit, but as I was working on it I decided to go for naked. I even finished the piece that way. After letting it rest for a couple days, I just had to see it with a swimsuit on. I was very pleased, so that's how I decided to keep it. However, I am able to offer a very unique print of the nude version.