Morning Glory


Morning Glory

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Original (SOLD)
17½ x 23¼ pastel on pastel paper
completed and released September 6, 2007

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4½ x 5½ Magnet

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A fresh summer morning, the air is clean; the day is new and uncluttered. Your senses slowly awaken, easing you into your day with a soft snowy white towel, crisp cool water, and the pure scents of soap and lotions. The start to each day should be treasured and greeted in all its naked glory.

This piece began with a photo of the bathroom at the B&B I stayed at in Provincetown in June of this same year. It wasn't so spectacular that I had to have a picture of it, but it had some sort of charm. I've tried to get into the habit of bringing my camera places and taking snapshots of things that strike me as having some sort of potential use in a future work. I usually have no specific idea if or how I will use these photos when I take them, there is just something that catches my eye.