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Original (SOLD)
15 x 23 pastel on pastel paper
completed and released May 10, 2004

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The first self portrait I ever did was a nude back view. Very safe. And at the time, within my comfort level. Happily, it sold. And someone else commissioned me to redo it with a cowboy twist. I have since tossed around the idea of doing a full frontal. Mostly because I get numerous requests for it, which of course is very flattering. Still, I had been reluctant. After all I hardly ooze self-confidence. And what would my friends and family say? Also, I usually "enhance" my subjects, drawing my perfect view of them. Should I do that with my own portrait? In the end, it had to be me and not just my fantasy of myself. I'm very happy with it, but still tense about putting myself out there for the world to see. Naked.