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18 x 23 pastel on pastel paper
completed and released March 15, 2007

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4½ x 5½ Magnet

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When people talk about the “fighting Irish” that certainly applies to rugby. It is a tough, full-contact team sport played with virtually no padding. It would look like a big brawl if it weren’t for the ball! It demands quick thinking, fast feet, and a solid body. Having stamina and a powerful build are required just to participate. My fighting Irishman, Patrick is the perfect man for the job.

I haven't done a real sports themed piece in about two years, and I was sooooo in the mood to do one. For the sport, I chose rugby. It demands or develops the players into tough beefy guys with big arms, muscular thick legs, etc. I had this idea already in mind when I got an email from a fan suggesting that I do a red head this year. I hadn't ever had one in a painting before, and it seemed the perfect match to my rugby theme. I then realized I would be finishing it just in time for St. Patrick's Day. Ireland is big on rugby and well known for it's fiery haired men. I love when things come together like that.