The Anniversary


The Anniversary

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Original (SOLD)
22¾ x 18¼ pastel on pastel paper
completed May 25,2009
released July 21, 2009

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Our lives, as with time, move constantly forward in a linear motion but it is in our nature to measure and record events, both the personal ones as well as the cosmic ones. As our world completes an orbit we commemorate a birth, a marriage, or even a kiss. Because we choose to acknowledge these specific dates it does not mean that the days in between are any less treasured. To the contrary, the days between are what make the Anniversary so very special.

One of my long-time customers contacted me this spring about wanting to do something as an anniversary present for his partner. I told him that I was busy doing works for my upcoming show, and he asked if I could somehow personalize one of those that I already had planned. He really liked my idea for a couple sitting on the steps of a brownstone, so we worked out some of the details and it actually evolved into an anniversary themed piece. I unfortunately was not present when the client surprised his partner at the gallery, but I met them both later and I was told there were tears of joy.