Vers la Vie Nocturne


Vers la Vie Nocturne

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Original (SOLD)
18¼ x 24¼ pastel on pastel paper
completed September 4, 2008
released September 15, 2008

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After a long, hard day of being burdened by life’s demands, he’s ready to make some demands of his own. Making his way across the city of light, each raindrop washes away the façade of the proper business man. In need of action and release, nothing will keep him from his destination, not even a downpour.

Whenever a client wants to commission a pastel painting similar to one of my existing works, in this case Rainstorm, I try to figure out what aspects he likes about the work. Then, I look at where I can change the direction of the piece, as I'm not really interested in duplicating one of my paintings. There needs to be something new in it for me. Where the guy in Rainstorm is walking defiantly in the rain, in Vers la Vie Nocturne the rain has has ended, and seems to be more of a cathartic experience. He's heading away from the lights of the city into a darker, perhaps seedier area, shedding his respectable suit as he transitions from his daytime world, and moves toward the nightlife.