A Dog and His Boy


A Dog and His Boy

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17¾ x 23¾ pastel on pastel paper

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You might call them the dog days of summer, you know those days when you’ve run out of energy and the heat makes it too hard to even try to do anything. Just collapsing naked on a bed of hopefully cool sheets is pretty much the only option. And maybe your boy will join you. Yes, nothing better than an afternoon nap for a dog and his boy.

"...and they call it puppy love." Some of you born before 1980 might get that Donny & Marie reference. I never knew if that term referred to a person's feelings toward a puppy, a puppy's feelings toward a person, or the feelings between two puppies. But once you've bonded with one of our canine friends, it's pretty undeniable that the joy and excitement they exude when they greet you, even after the shortest absence, is what they would probably call love.