All the Best Parts


All the Best Parts

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18 x 23¼ pastel on pastel paper

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He had gone to medical school not only to learn, but also with the hope of meeting the perfect man. But while he seldom spent an evening alone, no one ever lived up to his ideals. Oliver had great abs but a flat butt. Karl had incredible legs but not the cutest face. Anthony had the most interesting mind but was a bore in the bedroom. Ever the perfectionist, Victor was not about to settle. Instead he would use his talents to create his dream man, using all the best parts.

Every year I treat myself by doing a Halloween inspired painting. I get to venture into slightly different territory not only with the look and elements of the painting by creating creatures and rendering spooky settings, but also delving into a whole new area of emotions and back stories for the characters. After all, they're not like other guys. :)