Back Forty


Back Forty

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Original (SOLD)
18½ x 24 pastel on pastel paper
completed January 10, 2014
released January 31, 2014

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Jumping in the old pickup and heading out to survey the back forty has been one of his favorite things to do for years. There is something about the wide open space and remoteness that soothes his sole. Sometimes he strips down for a dip in the stream that cuts through the amber hills. Othertimes he lays in the bed of the truck soaking in the sun as clouds, like billowy sails, cross the big blue sky. Mostly he comes alone, though occasionally he’s been known to bring one of the young farmhands, to show him the lay of the land.

Over the years I've painted quite a few cowboys, though it wasn't until after I was finished that I realized Back Forty is my first rear nude cowboy. Which is surprising given how much I like cowboys and asses.