Carl's Diner


Carl's Diner

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18¼ x 24 pastel on pastel paper
completed May 30, 2014
released June 3, 2014

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There’s the freshly squeeze OJ, the rich hot coffee, the assorted delectable omelets, crispy home fries, and a seasonal selection of homemade pies. There’s also the quaint retro atmosphere and the homespun chit chat. But the number one allure of the diner are the hot truckers that stop in and plant their buns at a counter stool, giving anyone in the opposite booth a hot view to go along with their hot breakfast. At Carl’s, you’ll want to check out the men and the menu.

I've recently been frequenting a few local diners for breakfast/brunch. The food is damn good, and I like that I'm supporting a local business. Anyway, that and a few hunky patrons are what inspired this piece.