Dark and Stormy


Dark and Stormy

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23¾ x 18¼ pastel on pastel paper

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While fun in the sun is what we look forward to in the summer, it also bring us those cozy ‘nothing you can do but stay in’ days when it gets dark and stormy. As long as the power holds out, making the best of it can actually turn out to be a fun time. Just hold on until it blows....over. ;-)

The initial concept for this painting was to revisit the theme of sexuality and social technology (#telecummunication) as in "Business Trip". The idea began with a guy enjoying some solitude watching videos, chatting, or cruising the web on his computer.  And since it'd been a while since I featured a ginger, a hot red headed guy, ('The Pick Up' being the last ginger guy) those were really my main inspirations starting out.  It was only when I was almost finished did I decide to add a little storminess to the dark night outside the windows.  At that moment it crystallized.  'Dark and Stormy' is my favorite cocktail!  And it's primary ingredient is ginger beer.  Ginger, dark and stormy...it was meant to be.  So I added a Dark and Stormy drink to the scene to bring it all together.