Fountain of Youth


Fountain of Youth

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24¼ x 18½ pastel on pastel paper
completed and released May 24, 2011

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Immersed in the calm serenity of an oasis, the cool clear water like silk upon the skin, the air is fresh and alive and within you you feel an inner peace and joy. The bounty of nature provides all the nutrients for the body and tranquility rejuvenates the mind. You’ve found your fountain of youth.

The desire to retain or regain ones youth is nothing new. Even centuries before Ponce de Leon went searching for it in 1513 there have been myths about a magical fountain with rejuvenating powers. Today we use chemicals and lasers to burn our skin, and inject stuff into our faces, but perhaps the answer is simply in natural and nutrient rich foods, being in harmony with nature and seeing life as an adventure to be enjoyed not a battle or a race to be won. If you're racing through it, you're gonna miss a lot and just end up tired and gasping for breath at the end.