In His Hands


In His Hands

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24 x 18¼ pastel on pastel paper

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In your mutual nakedness there is no pretense of modesty, no anxiety about ‘exposure’. And because there is no towel or sheet to get in the way, there are no areas off limits, nothing skipped over or deprived of attention. His strong skilled palms glide across your oiled silken skin. Your muscles are kneaded and stroked until they loosen and relax. The outside world, tensions, and thoughts drift away, you surrender to his touch. You are completely in his hands.

Despite having gone to school and becoming a massage therapist many years ago, I'd never developed that into a painting, until now.  Which is odd since it's also very sensual.  Though I never ended up doing it professionally, I recently started doing it again for fun, and also on occasion being the recipient, which is equally enjoyable.  While a great massage can feel almost spiritual, it's more an 'in to' than 'out of' body experience.  Making you more aware and connected to your physical being.