Kissing Booth


Kissing Booth

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23½ x 18½ pastel on pastel paper

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Jimmy had spent all summer trying to work up the nerve to finally tell Jack how he felt. And now that it was almost time to go back to school, he just couldn’t stand the thought of leaving without confessing his true feelings. His last chance is the Harvest Festival. He digs deep for his courage and a fistful of dollars, and without knowing whether he was about to end a friendship or start a relationship, he gets in line and waits his turn at the Kissing Booth.

I knew this piece would be a challenge for a several reasons.  It has a lot of different elements; the vendor booths, the variety of outfits, the barn, trees, and that their are four figures with faces that are rather small to work on.  But mostly because it's a playful whimsical piece that tells it's story through expressions on the 'characters'.  And having done so many faces over the years I know how the subtle tilt of a brow, shape of an eye or angle of a smile can easily change that expression, for example an approving smile can easily become and evil grin.  So I just tried to channel my inner Norman Rockwell and dove in.