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18 x 23 pastel on pastel paper

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Also available as part of the specially priced "Looking" & "Looking Back" Set of Gallery or Studio size prints.

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It’s all in the eyes. You’ve glanced at him working out, admiring the physique and the way he carries himself. You’ve stolen glances of his glutes and package in the shower. You’ve turned and shown off yourself giving him opportunity to see what you’ve got. Is it gonna happen? Is the attraction mutual? It’s not until the eyes meet does he know you’re looking and he’s looking back.

I've done pieces that are related to each other and I've done some series, but this is the first time I've done two separate paintings that are part of one scene.  Displayed together there is the tension and heat between the figures, though individually the intrigue shifts to what are the figures watching, or are they being watched.