Men's Room


Men's Room

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24 x 18¼ pastel on pastel paper
completed September 9, 2013, released July 1, 2014


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There is a dominant trait of competitiveness in men who participate in sports. The very nature of it is to see who is stronger, who is faster, who has more stamina. They are always testing and gauging themselves against the next guy to see how they measure up. And while most straight men wouldn’t admit it, they also compare and check out other guys in the men’s room. It simply is in their nature. Perhaps for some, they just assess the physique but you know a lot are going to take the opportunity to check out the whole package.

For a lot of us guys, the first time we laid eyes on a real live naked man was in this kind of setting, a men's locker room. So for me, to this day, stepping into one, gives me a flutter in the stomach and gets my heartbeat racing. All those emotions of excitement, fear, anxiety, and of course lust, that I felt as a youth come rushing back.