Mummy Rising


Mummy Rising

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18¼ x 23½ pastel on pastel paper
completed October 11, 2014
released October 12, 2014

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Thousands of years after being entombed the exotic king gets his reward of an afterlife. Flesh is reborn, blood races, his skin tingles. Tearing and shedding the brittle wrappings, his muscles long dry and withered now throb and engorge, the mummy is rising!

I love stringing things together, so when I started this piece I knew I wanted to show the mummy getting a rise so I revisited another of my Hallowe'en pieces, "Leader of the Pack".  Where the werewolf is tearing through his underwear as he morphs and bulges, the mummy too is ripping through his wraps as his body throbs back to life.