Oopsy Daisy


Oopsy Daisy

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24 x 18¼ pastel on pastel paper
completed and released January 11, 2011


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There’s nothing like frolicking around on a summer day... a fresh breeze, the warm sun on your skin, grass between your toes. It’s important to take time to enjoy nature’s wonder, whether it be a simple flower or each other. After all, we are all examples of nature’s wonder too. So in your day to day haste, take a moment to appreciate the nature that presents itself to you. Because if you’re not mindful, before you know it... oopsie daisy, it’s gone.

My work is usually influenced by the season, though inspiration manifests in many ways. The ringing in of the new year, and the arrival of warmer weather, both signal to me a shedding of the past and a fresh new beginning. Or maybe the fact that I worked on my Christmas piece in September has thrown my internal clock out of sync.