Rudolph & Nickolaus


Rudolph & Nickolaus

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24 x 18¼ pastel on pastel paper
completed and released November 21, 2013

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Growing up in an isolated northern village, young Nickolaus used to play with the special reindeer that his parents tended. Even as a child, Nickolaus had a very caring and charitable nature. So when one spring a very unique fawn was born, his dad who didn’t have the time or quite the clue on how to deal with the misfit of the herd, put Nickolaus in its charge. Over the years as the two grew up, Nickolaus and the reindeer he had named Rudolph, developed a very special bond. A bond that would eventually lead them to a very magical destiny.

I let my imagination loose for this years Christmas painting, posing a slightly different origin story for these two icons of the Season. What was St. Nick like when he was younger, before he became 'Santa Claus'? And what if he and Rudolph had a lifelong bond and a long history together? I was really enthused to render my version of Rudolph, a more realistic look versus the familiar clay-mation one and also to do my interpretation of Santa/Nickolaus as a young buck himself.