Sleigh Bells


Sleigh Bells

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Original (Sold)
23¾ x 18½ pastel on pastel paper
completed and released October 16, 2012

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It’s Christmas Eve and you’re snowed in. Luckily you’ve got hot cocoa, a crackling fire and someone special to keep you warm, so you don’t really mind that it’s your turn to fetch more logs outside. Hearing a distant jingle, you look up into the moonlit sky and see a magically, wonderful site...

A couple of years ago I ended up doing two Christmas themed pieces. One I released on my website. The other was commissioned by TLA, who had exclusive use its image for that holiday season, but I retained ownership of the work. Ever since, I've been afforded the luxury of not having to complete a holiday piece at the end of summer in time to order cards, as well as being able to work on my Christmas piece during the holiday, when I'm actually feeling it.