Sweat. Pant.


Sweat. Pant.

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Original (Sold)
18¼ x 24 pastel on pastel paper
completed November 15, 2013
released December 31, 2013 

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You don’t know his name. You’ve barely ever spoke. He’s your motivation, your ideal, your goal. He’s perfection. He’s a tease. You see him nearly everyday, always that same hat and those low hung clingy sweatpants that drape around his firm round glutes and ample bulge. Sometimes he catches you looking as he works out. You can’t help it. You love watching him sweat, listening to him pant.

While I've done many pieces with a sports or locker room theme, it's been a long time since I've featured someone in an actual gym. I find a lot of eroticism in a man working out. There of course is the physical aspect, muscles bulging and relaxing. But I think the dedication and determination of working ones body, as with any endeavor, has a compelling appeal.