The Gryphon Master


The Gryphon Master

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18½ x 24¼ pastel on pastel paper

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As a young boy, his abilities with a court of gryphons rivaled that of the most experienced wranglers. He always seemed to bond with and understand these stubborn yet majestic creatures. When the rare and extremely temperamental white gryphon arrived, it was a true test of his skills and instincts. At first none of the other wranglers could even get close to her. But while she now tolerates them, feeding time remains the domain of The Gryphon Master.

With over 100" of snow so far this season, I had plenty of inspiration for this piece!

Fantasy and science fiction have always been favorite genres of mine.  Much of my early works revolved around those themes. And from time to time I've reflected that in some of my contemporary pieces, such as Metamorphosis, Deep Blue, and some of the Hallowe'en paintings.  So while I'm sure I will continue to do male romantic and homoerotic work, which I see as another form of fantasy, I'm excited to explore my imagination and do more works in the mythological and fantasy realm.