Waiting Out the Rain


Waiting Out the Rain

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Original (SOLD)
23½ x 18 pastel on pastel paper
completed and released May 25, 2010


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With the Spring season in full swing, there’s plenty to do on the farm. But those outdoor chores will have to wait once Mother Nature decides to whip up an afternoon shower. Seeking shelter inside the barn, they shed their wet shirts and start to ponder what they can do to pass the time while waiting out the rain.

Though part of my process is to come up with a concept and plan it out in advance, it usually evolves on its own after I've put pastel to paper. Sometimes the addition or subtraction of an element comes to mind, and it's like the proverbial light bulb going on, giving the piece that one thing that brings it into better focus. This time it was making a change in the weather. Once I decided to add the element of rain, that is what the whole piece became centered around.