Young Turks


Young Turks

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18½ x 24 pastel on pastel paper
completed and released November 18, 2010

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It’s abruptly calming and still, a stark contrast from the frenetic city streets outside. The air hangs heavy with the smells of minerals, the central pool filled to the edge with comforting warm water. The only sounds are the raining down from a distant shower chamber and low muffled male voices murmuring under the domed ceiling. Shafts of light pierce into the steamy sanctum. The men here have left everything behind in the outside world, their worries, obligations, inhibitions, even clothes. It’s an ancient tradition shared with the Young Turks.

It all started out as a trip to Prague and Budapest that our friend was planning to take. She invited us, but then later could not make it. So, visiting the Turkish baths of Budapest wasn't something we had considered doing. But when you find yourself in Hungary, do as the Hungarians. It was fascinating architecturally, historically; an experience for sure. Some baths have "men only" days, so we expected to see some cruising, perhaps a little something going on in the nooks. I'll just say it was that, and a whole lot more!