Covermen survey

I'm starting work on the 2018 calendar and trying to decide on the cover. So i'm looking for input from you. I'm pretty sure I'll go with one of these two, though I may still tweak the final choice before publishing. What design do you prefer, or think is more eye catching?

The cover image choice won't affect which images are included inside, only the font and style of the pages will change to reflect the cover's look. This is a survey and not the determinate of the final cover selection.

My Cover Choice... *

On the Drawing Board: Commissioned Cruise Ship

I've done a few boats in paintings over the years, a yacht (Cross Country), a row boat (Suddenly, Last Summer) and now, the biggest of all a cruise ship!

This is a commissioned painting and the client wanted it to celebrate the sun, sea, and fun times they have on their voyages. He provided a photo of him and his partner looking at the ship, but didn't necessarily want an exact rendering of the photo. This allowed me to make a few changes for composition and 'Breyette-ify' it. 

Original Sold.

The original of "Melt" has been purchased by a collector in Germany.  Prints in 3 sizes, including full size Gallery prints, are still available. 

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Original is SOLD
24¼ x 18½ pastel on pastel paper

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On the Drawing Board: A Cruising Couple Commission

The painting I'm starting is a commissioned piece, it's sort of a blend between concept (where the client has an idea for a painting they want me to create) and portrait (where the client wants a painting of themselves, typically from a photo). This one the client contacted me with a concept and had a photo to go along with it, and while it is them in the photo, the are allowing me to make some alterations. It's just a few changes that make it work better as painting and let's me put my style and influence into it.

By the way, is it a portrait if they are facing away? :-)

Just Added: More large magnets!

I've added seven more works to the large magnets selection. For some it's their debut in the new large format, and others that were never available as magnets before. mostly because of the nudity. No longer being restricted is one of the top reasons I like these new magnets so much!

Check out the whole beautiful collection...

Also, there are still some of the small magnets in stock. All are $1.76 off while supplies last...

There's no place like...Oz.

Author Dee Michel's upcoming book is Friends of Dorothy: Why Gay Boys and Gay Men Love The Wizard of Oz. Dee recently reached out to me to license my painting Once In A Lullaby in the publication, and I was happy to oblige. 

Dee has been a contributor to The Baum Bugle, the official journal (est. 1957) of the International Wizard of Oz Club, so is a bit of an expert. The book is expected this Summer. 

Once in a Lullaby
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Book Survey

I'm exploring the notion of doing another book of my work. I'd like to do it myself. I think it'd be fun to design and to have creative control - at least within boundaries set by the printer and the affordability factor.  

I'd like to get some input from you, fans and followers of my work. First a quick recap, my first book by Bruno Gmünder Summer Moved On, included most of my works through 2006. My second book, On The Drawing Board I did myself and it was more of a 'behind the scenes' companion to Summer Moved On. It showed and explained the process and origin of many of those works. The third book, Seasons of Love was also published by Bruno Gmünder and mostly included works from 2007-2010.

So here's a little survey asking what YOU would like to see in a new Breyette art book:

1. What kind of scope most appeals to you: *
2. What style and content most appeals to you? *
3. Would you be likely to participate in a Kickstarter campaign to publish this book in which you'd receive various items (i.e. a copy of the book, acknowledgement in the book, prints, originals etc.) depending on the amount of your pledge?

2 For Tuesday 'Second Chance' Winners Are...

With 54.8% of the votes, the cowboy duo of "Tucker" and "Back Forty" are our second chance champions! 

Today only you can rope this pair at a substantial savings over buying them separately. 

  • Save $24 on the portfolio prints
  • Save $39 on the studio prints
  • or Save $109 on the framed studio prints

UPDATE: This 2-For-Tuesday special has ended.

Art 2 for Tuesday - "Tucker" & "Back Forty"
from 84.00

The winning pair is "Tucker" and "Back Forty"

Choose From:

  • Open Edition Portfolio (8 1/2" x 11") Print Set 
  • Limited Edition Studio (13" x 19") Print Set
  • Framed Limited Edition Studio Print Set (17" x 20" Black Metal Frame, White Acid Free Mat, Mounted, Non-Glare Acrylite.)
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It's a 2-For-Tuesday 2nd Chance

This week I'm bringing back 3 pairs from previous face offs. Last time they missed being picked as the featured 2-For-Tuesday, but one of will make it to the Tuesday special spotlight. 

The winning pair of prints will be offered in 3 options: 

  • A Portfolio (8½ x 11) Set 
  • A Ltd. Edition Studio (13 x 19) Set
  • A Framed (17 x 20) Ltd. Edition Studio Set
Pick-A-Pair *

^ Pair 1: My Side of the Mountain & Still Waters ^

^ Pair 2: Tucker & Back Forty ^

^ Pair 3: Tie the Knot & A Place In the Sun ^

New Original & Prints: "Resistance"

I'm always striving to express positivity through my artwork, be it healthy sexual identity, romanticism, kindness, our place in the natural world, or even just fun!

My latest work is about pushing back on the negativity that surrounds us, the fear, ignorance and hate. Those words I have scrawled on the stone in several languages.

I'll be donating* 15% of the sale of prints and the original to Human Rights Watch, a non-profit working to stop oppression around the world including the torture and killing of gay men in Chechnya. 

*I can't provide a tax write-off to customers for the donated portion of the sale without help from a lawyer, accountant and possibly creating a separate non-profit entity. However you can donate directly to HRW if you wish. 

from 42.00

Original is Available
18¼" x 24¼" (46cm x 62 cm) pastel on pastel paper

Giclée Prints
25 limited edition Gallery prints
100 limited edition Studio prints
open edition Portfolio prints
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