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The 2018 Calendars have arrived. Save $2 today through Friday 9/22!

2018 Collectible Calendar

11" x 8½" (11" x 17" when open)

13 of Michael's works appear in this 12 month calendar. Each calendar purchased through the website is hand signed.

Major holidays, Full Moons and important dates in GLBT history are noted.


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2017 Hallowe'en Painting & Prints

Davy Jones, according to literature, is the fiend that presides over all the evil spirits of the deep. Davy Jones' Locker is the bottom of the sea where you'll find the remains of shipwrecks and drowned sailors. So combining my Halloween sea monster with my penchant of hot men in gym showers, I came up with Davy Jones' Locker Room.  

The original and prints will be available at the special new release price through Sunday 9/17.

Davy Jones Locker Room
from 37.00

Original is available for purchase
18" x 24" (46 cm x 61 cm) pastel on pastel paper

Giclée Prints
13 very limited edition Gallery prints
31 very limited edition Studio prints
open edition Portfolio prints
additional information about my giclée prints

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Good Vibes From a New Print Company.


After doing some research for a new company to print my calendars, I've chosen to go with PrintRoc out of Rochester NY.  I found several that indicated they had no problem with the subject matter of my art and even a few that had lower prices. But when it comes to a major order, like my calendars, I'm extra nervous about the quality I'm going to get with someone I have no experience with. While that will still be the case until I see the results, I got a good vibe talking with the guys at PrintRoc, a gay friendly business. They even took the time to take a look at my website and mentioned they also print magnets and other items I offer. 

So fingers crossed, I should have the hardcopy proof next week, and calendars should be ready for purchase before then end of September.

Stop the presses! Archaic Puritanism and body & sex shaming strikes again!


The meat of the matter is, there will be a slight delay in the release of my calendar. I was informed yesterday by PSPrint, the company I've used for many years, has refused to print my calendar due to its nude subject matter. Apparently they were purchased by Deluxe, a company that mostly makes business forms and checks, which forced their "1950's beliefs" on them. The customer service manager was very apologetic about the situation and clearly unhappy with what his overlords had done. He had the unpleasant task of informing many of their long time customers they had to censor their material or go elsewhere.  Needless to say I won't censor my calendar. So I am in the process of selecting a new company, one ok with my art, with comparable quality, and a price that will make it worthwhile. I still hope to have them by the end of September. In the meantime: #boycottPSPrint #boycottDeluxe 

Other subsidiaries of this neolithic (though I think civilizations of the stone age were more enlightened about the human body) conglomerate include:, Custom Direct, Inc., Direct Checks Unlimited, Hostopia, NEBS, Safeguard Business Systems, Inc. ,SyncSuite, Chiswick, Inc., Designer Checks, Direct Checks Unlimited, DLX Check Printers, Inc., McBee Systems, Inc., Paper Payment Services, Plaid Moon, Inc.,PremiumWear, Inc., PPS Services, Rapidforms, Inc., Russell & Miller, Inc., Standard Forms, Ltd., Stephen Fossler Company,, Inc. ...all of which I will do my best to avoid from now on. 

New Original & Prints: "Swimming Lessons"

This is 'live streaming' Vermont style!

Two of my favorite creatures on Earth are the subjects in my newest pastel painting. 

Special New Release pricing on prints & the original last through Friday 9/1/17. 


Swimming Lessons
from 42.00

Original is Available
24" x 18" (61 cm x 46 cm) pastel on pastel paper

Giclée Prints
25 limited edition Gallery prints
100 limited edition Studio prints
open edition Portfolio prints
additional information about my giclée prints

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On the Drawing Board: Leashes and clothes optional

My next work features two of my favorite beings on Earth, my hubby and my puppy. I'm using a photo I took last summer when we took Huxley to one of Vermont's fabled swimming holes. 

Even when I'm painting from a photo I took, I still make a few changes and take a few liberties. First of all, it's a combo of two pics taken a few seconds apart so I could have both in their best positions. And secondly my husby didn't have the beard at the time. Finally, things like leashes and swim trunks often just have to go.