Just Added: More large magnets!

I've added seven more works to the large magnets selection. For some it's their debut in the new large format, and others that were never available as magnets before. mostly because of the nudity. No longer being restricted is one of the top reasons I like these new magnets so much!

Check out the whole beautiful collection...

Also, there are still some of the small magnets in stock. All are $1.76 off while supplies last...

A Dozen New Large Magnets!

Bigger seems to be better!

People have responded well to the new large magnets (maybe the frontal nudity has helped too!)

Anyway I just added 12 more to the collection. Some contain frontal nudity and were not even available as magnets before. I've also replenished the ones that had sold out or were on the verge. 

And the remaining small magnets are $1.25 off while supplies last.  

New Magnets! New Size! New Style! Nudity!

New large magnet (top) compared to the old smaller size (bottom).

New large magnet (top) compared to the old smaller size (bottom).

I'm transitioning my magnet collection over to a new style. The new magnets are 250% larger (4¼" x 5½")! They are printed on flexible vinyl and are more proportional in shape to my originals, which means less cropping - more of the artwork. AND perhaps the most exciting part is: I'm not limited by the printing companies community standards...so for the first time I can offer my full frontal works as magnets!

You can find my first batch of the new LARGE magnets in there own gallery store page.

Meanwhile, my remaining inventory of small magnets are all $1.25 off!

New Magnets

Four new works have been added to the magnet collection and many have been restocked.  

The new magnets are:
Born and Bred
I'll Be Home For Christmas
In His Hands
Christmas Time in the City

2 New Works Added To the Magnet Collection

"Tie the Knot" and "Car's Diner" are now available as magnets!  Check out the entire selection and add to your collection!