September Print of the Month Contest!

Get $10 off a signed and numbered limited edition print of "Shore Leave" for participating or a free print if you win! 

All you need to do is post a comment below about the artwork. At the end of the month I'll pick my favorite. The winner gets a limited edition studio print of "Shore Leave" ($75 value) and the rest of the participants get an exclusive coupon code for $10 off the print. 

Scroll down to the comments section to leave your post.  In order to get your prize or receive your coupon code you must INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS in the 'optional' log in field. Your email address is not posted publicly

Comments must be of sincere quality and meet standards for approval by the moderator. 

Unapproved comments are not eligible. One coupon code per order.

Congratulations to Tony in Albany who won August's Print of the Month Contest!  All those who participated and included your email, check your inbox for your $10 off coupon code.