Moxy Hart 1975-2016

Saddened by the news today of the passing of a sweet and funny friend and talented artist.

I first 'met' Moxy some years ago when he emailed me about art. At the time he seemed to be looking for a little advice regarding artistic direction.  He was very sweet and shared that he too liked painting the male figure.  He asked about my experience with the subject matter and was debating which way he wanted to take his art career. He seemed at a bit of a crossroads and didn't know if male nudes was the path to take. What I recall telling him was, "you just need to do what YOU want to do and your audience will find you. Do what you're passionate about and what is genuine to you and people will recognize that and appreciate it."  

I've always found his male figurative work striking, it overflows with purity, softness and warmth.  It's no wonder he attracted so many fans and was celebrated in the Capolavoro book of today's leading artists of the male nude. 

While I never got to meet Moxy in person (me being in the states and him in South Africa) it wasn't hard to see, through his emails and social media, that he was a kind soul with a wicked sense of humor.  

From his Facebook Page:

Dear Friends
Moxy's passing has been a tremendous shock to all of us. It was all very sudden and we have been dealing with it as best as we can. We understand that all of you naturally have questions about what happened to him. Moxy had had very high blood pressure for quite some time and his general health was not great. In the early hours of Sunday 24th January, Moxy suffered a massive heart attack. His passing was quick and we are grateful that he did not suffer a long illness.
Our focus at this point is to find a special way to celebrate Moxy's life and be grateful for the beauty and laughter that he brought to all of ours. We would like to invite you to share your messages and memories of our great friend here on his Facebook page over the next few days. Any special pictures or stories about him would be gratefully received. We want to show and tell our Moxy how many lives he touched and how his art and humour brightened the world. Thank you to all of you who have sent condolences and kindness. Even if you only knew Moxy through Facebook, we know that he appreciated the time and energy that you shared with him.