Book Survey

I'm exploring the notion of doing another book of my work. I'd like to do it myself. I think it'd be fun to design and to have creative control - at least within boundaries set by the printer and the affordability factor.  

I'd like to get some input from you, fans and followers of my work. First a quick recap, my first book by Bruno Gmünder Summer Moved On, included most of my works through 2006. My second book, On The Drawing Board I did myself and it was more of a 'behind the scenes' companion to Summer Moved On. It showed and explained the process and origin of many of those works. The third book, Seasons of Love was also published by Bruno Gmünder and mostly included works from 2007-2010.

So here's a little survey asking what YOU would like to see in a new Breyette art book:

1. What kind of scope most appeals to you: *
2. What style and content most appeals to you? *
3. Would you be likely to participate in a Kickstarter campaign to publish this book in which you'd receive various items (i.e. a copy of the book, acknowledgement in the book, prints, originals etc.) depending on the amount of your pledge?