New Original & Prints: "Daddy Cool" - PJ Terranova

I was lucky enough to snap a pic of my friend PJ Terranova this past August, and thrilled that he was on board when I mentioned I wanted to turn it into a pastel painting.  

I was apprehensive about doing that tattoos but so glad I did, since they are part of him and also really adds to what makes this piece daddy cool

On the Drawing Board: essence of a man

Here my latest just as I am starting to put on the tattoos.  The left arm has a lot of design and I know I won't get it exact but I will hopefully get the essence of the tattoos.  After all a representation of elements is perfectly acceptable in art!  I am really pleased and as long as my friend PJ (the model) is really happy with it too, I can't ask for more.

On the Drawing Board: hard body tat challenge

Hanging out this summer with a well built friend, I snapped a few pics.   Since I celebrate the male form in my work, it seemed a natural next step to celebrate his hard work in my art.  I was glad that he was thrilled with the idea!

He has several tattoos and those things are damned hard to execute in pastels with fingers and some pencils.  I didn't include them in the sketch because I was think they they are too hard to do well, but they are very much a part of him, literally, so I'd hate to leave them out.  Challenged!