3 Originals Sold

The originals Devil's Playground, Sexually Implicit: Red, and Hung have all recently sold to private collectors and are no longer available.  However you can still get limited edition prints of all three pieces.

New Release: "Devil's Playground"

I didn't realize it until I was finished that, while both very sensual,  this painting is on the opposite end of the God/Devil spectrum as my previous painting "In His Hands".  Makes me wonder if I have some unconscious need to find balance.  

Get 10% off the list price during the official Day of Issue on the original and prints.  Now until approximately 8:00 AM EST April 9, 2015.  

UPDATE: The original has sold.

On the Drawing Board: taking it easy

Usually I am a one work at a time kinda guy.  I try not to plan too far ahead, because I've discovered that if I sketch out an idea, and I can't start painting it right away I lose interests, especially if I do a painting or two in between.  However, when life gives you lemons (in the form of the flu) you gotta make lemonade (or hot tea with lemon).   Since I haven't been up to working with dusty pastels, I've worked on multiple outlines instead.  

Here are snippets of two.  Will both become full fledged paintings...time will tell.