New Work: "The Mechanic"

"The Mechanic" is #3 in my Father Figure Series, celebrating those male archetypes in our lives that carry an air of authority as well as having a mature masculine look. 

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Father Figure - The Mechanic
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15 x 18½  pastel on pastel paper
completed Jan. 23, 2017
released Jan. 24, 2017

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On the Drawing Board: Getting Hairy

Using a pastel pencil to add chest hair to "The Mechanic". It's all about the the length and pattern. Keep the lines fairly short. You want to replicate the pattern the hair grows in, but still keep it a little random and disorganized to make it look natural. If it were wet you'd want to make the hair lines converge together and create trails that lead downward while still conforming to the body. 

On the Drawing Board: Full Frontal Father Figures

As I mentioned in my last newsletter I've this idea for a series in mind, tentatively called 'Father Figures'. I'm incorporating some traditional authoritarian archetypes for each Figure. Here's a peek at the first three sketch outlines, from left to right I have 'The Coach', 'The Boss', and 'The Mechanic'. At this time I'm planning on each being full frontal nudes...but as always my works seem to eventually direct me where to take them.