New Release: "Kissing Booth"

It's the time of year for fairs and festivals and the old timey traditions like the kissing booth need a fun twist of modern sensibility. 

Get 10% off the regular price during the official Day of Issue on the original, prints and framed prints of "Kissing Booth". Now until approximately 8:00 AM EDT August 18.

On the Drawing Board: Two almost done, two more to go...

I feel like I've been putting a lot of time into this new piece, but it seems to be slow going. Maybe I'm just anxious to get it done.  Or it has so many little different elements, there isn't a big area of sky or mountains that fills up the space, plus there are four figures, each with a fun expression on their faces.

On the Drawing Board: the emotional male figurative

I think because my pieces are often little stories in my head, I have to start with the faces, the characters that will tell the story.  

I often describe my work as 'male figurative' and while that's a key component, the word 'figurative,' for me evokes a presentation of the male body in an anatomical and studious way rather than a presentation of men, men with emotions and desires and experiences of life. 

On the Drawing Board: What the..!?

Yep, I've switched teams.  It's just women for me from here on out.  Nothing but ladies, with lady bodies and lady parts!   Okay okay..I know I'm not fooling anyone.  But it's been a looooong time since I painted women.  And before you get upset I think you'll enjoy this painting.  I think it's a cute idea.  Kinda reminds me of the playfulness of "Toy Maker".